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Half of marketers time to be spent on content marketing in 2016

Content marketing continues to thrive in both consumer and B2B sectors. A recent survey by B2B Marketing found that: There has been a huge increase in the amount of content B2B marketers are producing over the last year. Eighty-three per cent of respondents reported an increase in the amount of content produced, with a mere five per cent claiming to have produced less. Despite this, 82 per cent of respondents also stated that they anticipated increasing their output over the remainder of 2015 and 2016. This rapid and sustained increase in... Read The Rest →

Content Marketing: Why Headlines Are So Important

In an age of content overload, your headline is one of your biggest opportunities to grab audience attention.  It’s likely to make the difference between someone clicking through to your content/website or not.  It’s of equal importance to SEO too – Google will be ranking you by headlines.  Follow a few basics and you’ll get the right results. Tips For Writing Headlines Be sure your headline is authentic.  Don’t over promise or trick the reader with the headline.  It won’t help in the long run – your customer will feel... Read The Rest →

What Could A Copywriter Do For Your Business

In business words matter.  They are a selling tool, educating and persuading audiences about your business.  Words also matter in SEO.   Your business has a digital foot print that Google uses to rank your value, and this value dictates whether your content or website is included in a Google search.  So whether you are creating content for print or digital, you need to communicate strategically and fluently, with crystal clear messaging and a written ‘tone of voice’ exactly right for your brand and audience. Tone of Voice & Crystal Clear Messaging A... Read The Rest →

John Lewis Christmas advert is a content marketing work of art!

Everyone loves Monty the Penguin – he’s no doubt popped into your newsfeed at least one in the past month as the social media frenzy has taken hold. In the six weeks since it was launched it has racked a staggering 20,662,243 views on YouTube. Starring a young boy and an incredibly cute penguin, what’s not to love?! In recent years, John Lewis has won the annual battle of the Christmas ads amidst strong competition from the likes of Coca Cola, Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s. This festive season John... Read The Rest →

Content Marketing: Make it Visual

In a world of high-speed information overload, visual impact has become a vital part of cutting through clutter and grabbing audience attention.  Words only play a part in creating successful content.  Their power coming into full effect once the audience is attracted and actively engaged in the content – drawn in by visual element such as images, graphic treatments and headlines. Brain Power This is largely because the brain can process visual content 60,000 faster than it can written content.  Humans are programmed to process the visual before the written.... Read The Rest →

Content Marketing: Rethinking The White Paper

The hallmark of a great white paper is that it’s clearly written from a well-researched position, informing opinion and demonstrating thought leadership through content with gravitas. The white paper has been around a long time, and it’s worth considering how to leverage this great marketing workhorse, to achieve more stretch from the substantive content within it. So here are 5 nifty repurposing ideas to try: 1. Primary & Secondary Content Think of white papers as a primary piece of content – rich in subject matter that tells a story in logical... Read The Rest →

CONTENT CREATION: The Content Marketing Pyramid

Overwhelm. Disorder. Dearth.  Words that describe how some managers feel about their content marketing strategy.  Perhaps a content pyramid may help then.  It’s a simple framework that easily identifies formats for content, and works by creating a solid foundation from which original and re-purposed content is then strategically created. Why The Pyramid Works Marketing works best when your audience sees that same message over and over in different places at the same time.  The marketing pyramid assists this by:   Repetition & saturation Reinforcing the same message in many formats... Read The Rest →

Has content marketing come of age?

Bill Gates first coined the phrase Content is King nearly 20 years ago talking about where he believed profits would be made on the internet. Of course, content has been around forever – it was just called something else – and while the concept of content marketing is a little newer, more enlightened brands have been doing it for years almost without realising it! What we’ve noticed at Content Works, and significantly over the past few months, is more and more organisations actively seeking us out to advise and help with... Read The Rest →

Video Content Marketing: Cutting Through Digital Clutter

Holding online audience attention can be tough. Today anyone can be an ‘online media producer’ so it’s important to find effective ways of cutting through the digital clutter. And ‘the way’ is video. The market research on video content is prolific and well established now (and well worth some further search time on Google). For example: Videos in emails radically improve click through rate. It’s predicted that by 2017 74% of all internet traffic will be video. It’s estimated that 86.8 million smartphone users regularly view video on their devices.... Read The Rest →

Print: The Ultimate Mobile Communication

          The MD’s blog of last week got me thinking. Nigel pondered: If you think about it, a newspaper or magazine is the ultimate in mobile communication – needing no Wi-Fi or 3G/4G signal to download, no special equipment to view and no fear of the battery running out! What a plain-speaking stonker of a statement!  Cogent, self evident, and often forgotten in this digital age. The dominance of digital marketing has consequently positioned print media as the non-traditional format, and this now presents a great... Read The Rest →

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