John Lewis Christmas advert is a content marketing work of art!

Everyone loves Monty the Penguin – he’s no doubt popped into your newsfeed at least one in the past month as the social media frenzy has taken hold. In the six weeks since it was launched it has racked a staggering 20,662,243 views on YouTube.

Starring a young boy and an incredibly cute penguin, what’s not to love?! In recent years, John Lewis has won the annual battle of the Christmas ads amidst strong competition from the likes of Coca Cola, Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s.

This festive season John Lewis have delivered yet another marketing masterpiece, but how do they do it? What makes these ads such successful pieces of content marketing?

Sparking excitement

Expectations were high after last year’s ‘The Bear & The Hare’ advert. In order to spark anticipation and excitement they used social media to release teaser trailers, the making of, posters and even Monty merchandise. Within minutes the hashtag #Montythepenguin was trending nationwide. No matter how good the content is; it won’t be a success unless you know how and where to promote it.

Emotional pull

John Lewis never fails to tug on the heartstrings of the public with it’s seasonal ads. This year was no exception. The ad is so powerful because it plays on people’s emotions, targeting people at the time of year when we are more susceptible to our hearts being warming and the appearance of little tears in the corner of our eyes. Creative content marketing campaigns that generate an emotional response are more easily recalled than any other.

Star power

Music, stars, covers = a sure fire way to marketing success. John Lewis has always featured up and coming artists just at the right time of their careers. This year’s ad features Tom Odell singing a cover of a classic tune – John Lennon’s Real Love.

The cute factor

Animals and cute children rule the Internet. How can anyone fail to enjoy watching a penguin on a trampoline?

The soft sell

And finally, and possibly the most important, the ad is not a blatant sales pitch. The trick is to draw your audience in with something compelling that reflects the values of your brand. John Lewis have always been clear about their brand values – they are known for quality, reliability and being a good employer. However their Christmas ads over the years have changed people’s perception of them and have shown the softer side of this reputable retailer. John Lewis have transformed themselves into a loving family brand.

Overall a great example of content marketing.

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