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Content Marketing Trends

Content strategy and technology is always evolving, but the central ethos remains the same: content marketing is a methodology that creates and distributes valuable and relevant content to attract and engage with a defined audience; with the aim of nurturing a profitable customer action. So here we take a quick look at some current trends, one of which may surprise you – print is making a comeback! 1. Growth of Content Strategists Rather than marketers with broad but shallow experience, we are seeing more marketers with distinct specialisms and greater... Read The Rest →

Death by powerpoint – an alternative!

Just the mention of Powerpoint in most offices elicits groans. There’s no prize for guessing why – most us hate being on the receiving end of powerpoint presentations even more than we hate creating them. Apparently over 30 million Powerpoint presentations are created every day! How many of these successfully engage their audiences? The percentage isn’t likely to be particularly high. Whilst this is largely down to substandard content and/or the presentation skills of the presenter, we do believe that the tired, overly familiar medium may have something to do... Read The Rest →

Has the free ride for brands on Facebook come to an end?

The organic reach of posts made by Facebook business pages has been slashed further still. Is Facebook set to become a paid-media channel for brands? A new report has been published by Ogilvy showing that the average Facebook Page Post reaches just 6% of fans, dropping to 2% to pages with 500,000 or more fans. This is a significant decrease from the figure confirmed by Facebook in 2012 of 16%, a figure reduced further still by last year’s round of changes. With organic reach set to hit zero sometime soon,... Read The Rest →

Facebook Paper: the low-down for brands

  Despite recently-raised (but largely unfounded) concerns over Facebook’s continued dominance in the social networking space, due to its sheer size and influence, when Facebook makes a play, businesses are forced to take note. Today we’re taking a closer look at their latest mobile app release: Facebook Paper. Currently only available in the US on iPhones and iPod Touches, Facebook have plans to roll this out in other territories and for the Android operating system. Find out what it is and what it is likely to mean for brands…   ... Read The Rest →

Never a better time to get content marketing

With the economy beginning to grow at a pace, and business confidence booming, dusting down that content marketing campaign that’s been on hold for a year or two would seem a timely strategy… British firms are more confident about the future than they have been in years according to the latest survey by our client, the Federation of Small Businesses. And the Bank of England has backed up the findings in its own forecasts on the economy which it expects to grow by 3.4% this year, in part driven by... Read The Rest →

TV Sponsorship – Something For Skinny & Full Fat Budgets

Rules have become more relaxed in recent years, providing more options for marketers, making it a powerful option for brands AND more affordable than you might think. Sponsorship now allows for individual programmes, strands of programming, day parts or even whole channels. For example Homebase, sponsor the Food on 4 strand across Channel 4 and More4, along with programming on UKTV channel Good Food.  Plus we’ve caught up with the States and product placement is now a popular option. Some Things To Consider  Aims Set your brief clearly and concisely... Read The Rest →

Here’s to the next Quarter Century

So that was 2013 that was. As we set sail into a shiny new year, we thought we’d have a last look at the one just departed. Like life itself, the past 12 months has had its ups and downs. We started on a high on January 1st when CW celebrated exactly 25 years in business. It certainly doesn’t seem a quarter of a century ago since my ex-boss from Cadbury, Harry Witcherley, and I rented two rooms above a Building Society in south Birmingham and launched CW Publications onto... Read The Rest →

Content Trends for 2014

  When Coca Cola launched it’s new marketing strategy CONTENT 2020, it revealed a monumental shift in direction for the company – moving heavily towards ‘content excellence’.  The world has changed and Coca Cola understands this.  To achieve audience engagement and brand leadership, content is now the most valuable currency. Content strategy and technology is always evolving, and to be sure you keep ahead of emerging trends, CW Content Works brings you the predicted vital trends for the 2014: Growth of Content Strategists Rather than marketers with broad but shallow... Read The Rest →

Are you sitting comfortably?

We all love a good story. For many of us, the old bedtime story routine is among our earliest memories. Those stories helped us feel relaxed, comfortable and secure or conjured up mystery, magic and adventure, fuelling our imagination and feeding our dreams. As we grew up our stories turned into school essays, university dissertations and business reports. Hard facts took over from fiction, fun lost out to formal. It’s a tried and tested discipline; a communication means to an end. Trouble is, when it then comes to writing about... Read The Rest →

Work ON your business, not IN your business

I read a whole book recently. This is much more of an achievement than you might imagine because I’m not a big reader. I get too easily distracted and rarely complete an entire tome. Truth be told I struggle with a long newspaper article (I know, I know – a shocking admission for an ex-journalist!) But The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It is an insightful read for any small business owner. It’s actually been around since 1986 – two years before... Read The Rest →

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