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Putting it all together

After more than a quarter of a century creating, producing and developing publications for many of Britain’s biggest brands and organisations, you might think we get a little blasé when a new project comes along… far from it! We still get the same excitement and buzz from launching or relaunching a title that we always have.    Earlier this year we were privileged to win the contract to publish Vitality the members’ magazine for BABTAC and here our editor Eilidh MacRae gives a little insight into how it all comes... Read The Rest →

Printed publications continue to pack a punch find IoIC awards judges

Invited to judge a couple of magazine categories at the national IoIC awards, CW MD Nigel finds print to be alive, kicking and as effective as ever.   Not a lot of people know this, but I used to be a bit of an amateur thespian. We are going back quite a few years it’s true, but I particularly enjoyed a show my am dram group put on when I performed a Peter Cook sketch from the famous Beyond the Fringe review also featuring Dudley Moore, Jonathan Miller and Alan... Read The Rest →

A few storythings

If you’ve ever met us you’ll know that we’re never short of ideas at CW! You just never know what might spark inspiration. Sometimes we consciously seek it out, other times it sneaks up on us. On occasion it can be found in the most unlikely of places… I’ll admit that I’ve never been one for ‘professional research’. Whilst I do like to keep up with industry goings on online, I’m happy to admit that I’ve never read a business book in my spare time. However I do like to... Read The Rest →

Work ON your business, not IN your business

I read a whole book recently. This is much more of an achievement than you might imagine because I’m not a big reader. I get too easily distracted and rarely complete an entire tome. Truth be told I struggle with a long newspaper article (I know, I know – a shocking admission for an ex-journalist!) But The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It is an insightful read for any small business owner. It’s actually been around since 1986 – two years before... Read The Rest →

The PAW approach – ‘Pooch at Work’

Here at CW we have a soft spot for anything cute and fluffy, so when Victoria our senior account manager bought little Henry in, we all went a little gooey inside – well the girls did anyway! At first Henry, a two-year-old golden Cocker Spaniel, was very inquisitive and wanted to put his nose in places it wasn’t always welcome, but we are now in the safe knowledge that every corner and sniff has been investigated thoroughly. Henry quickly became very much at home and now lounges on the sofas... Read The Rest →

Meet CW’s latest recruit – Alison Tarry

A warm welcome to our newest recruit: Social Media & PR Account Manager Alison Tarry! Alison was an early adopter of social media, starting her first blog at the tender age of 11! She’s been blogging on and off for the last 15 years and managing social media presences professionally for the last 3. Alison brings a broad base of social media marketing experience to the table at CW having designed and delivered successful social media campaigns for well-known B2B and B2C companies including large retail destinations, blue-chip companies and... Read The Rest →

A New Year and a new Senior Account Manager for CW

We would like to give a warm welcome (especially on this cold and snowy day!) to our new Senior PR & Social Media Account Manager, Victoria Walton. walmart job application online We are delighted to have Victoria on the CW team, bringing with her a wealth of consumer and B2B PR and Social Media experience, having spent five years at renowned agency, McCann Manchester working across high profile accounts. In what has been a whirlwind year, Victoria has recently married and relocated to Warwickshire from Cheshire with her new husband,... Read The Rest →

Life as an intern at CW.
What to expect, when you’re unsure of what to expect!

Will I be making cups of coffee for eight hours a day? Are they going to let me stop to take a bathroom break? How many paper cuts am I going to get from filing papers all day? These questions and more were running through my head in the days leading up to my big first day as a marketing intern for CW. Luckily, my first day and every day after have been far from that. Immediately I was shown my Mac desktop, workspace and my email was already assigned.... Read The Rest →