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Creating a social media marketing strategy from scratch: the what, part 1

You’re sold on the potential benefits of social media marketing but you’re apprehensive. What should you be posting? When? How? Who should you be trying to talk to? What if you run out things to say? What if something unexpected happens? Whilst social media marketing is certainly not easy (to do well anyways), there’s no need to enter into a state of blind panic when faced with all the things there are to think of! Below we’ve outlined the first 5 of key areas for you to think around as... Read The Rest →

Creating a social media marketing strategy from scratch: ‘The where’

Social media marketing is one of the most effective and cost-effective ways to engage directly with customers, research the market, drive sales and develop a loyal customer base – but only if you know which channel to use and how to use them. Welcome to a series of blog posts designed to help trepidatious social media marketers create the foundations of a strong social media marketing strategy… Whatever industry you operate within, there will be companies out there visibly and successfully using social media channels to raise their profiles, reach... Read The Rest →

Has content marketing come of age?

Bill Gates first coined the phrase Content is King nearly 20 years ago talking about where he believed profits would be made on the internet. Of course, content has been around forever – it was just called something else – and while the concept of content marketing is a little newer, more enlightened brands have been doing it for years almost without realising it! What we’ve noticed at Content Works, and significantly over the past few months, is more and more organisations actively seeking us out to advise and help with... Read The Rest →

Bringing brands to life on social media

Social media – everyone’s doing it! Whereas a few years ago it was relatively easy for brands to make a splash on social media, differentiating themselves from their competitors, most brands have now got presences in place and aren’t doing too bad a job. However, whilst many brands are using social media effectively as a communication channel, sharing their latest news and promotions and responding to customer service queries in real time, it is still a small majority that exploit the full brand marketing potential of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram... Read The Rest →

Has the free ride for brands on Facebook come to an end?

The organic reach of posts made by Facebook business pages has been slashed further still. Is Facebook set to become a paid-media channel for brands? A new report has been published by Ogilvy showing that the average Facebook Page Post reaches just 6% of fans, dropping to 2% to pages with 500,000 or more fans. This is a significant decrease from the figure confirmed by Facebook in 2012 of 16%, a figure reduced further still by last year’s round of changes. With organic reach set to hit zero sometime soon,... Read The Rest →

Facebook Paper: the low-down for brands

  Despite recently-raised (but largely unfounded) concerns over Facebook’s continued dominance in the social networking space, due to its sheer size and influence, when Facebook makes a play, businesses are forced to take note. Today we’re taking a closer look at their latest mobile app release: Facebook Paper. Currently only available in the US on iPhones and iPod Touches, Facebook have plans to roll this out in other territories and for the Android operating system. Find out what it is and what it is likely to mean for brands…   ... Read The Rest →

Here’s to the next Quarter Century

So that was 2013 that was. As we set sail into a shiny new year, we thought we’d have a last look at the one just departed. Like life itself, the past 12 months has had its ups and downs. We started on a high on January 1st when CW celebrated exactly 25 years in business. It certainly doesn’t seem a quarter of a century ago since my ex-boss from Cadbury, Harry Witcherley, and I rented two rooms above a Building Society in south Birmingham and launched CW Publications onto... Read The Rest →

How small businesses can make it big on Facebook

There’s a campaign gathering pace to get people to support small businesses as they get stuck into their Christmas shopping. Small Business Saturday is already big news in the US, where it generates an estimated consumer spend of $5.5 billion, and this coming Saturday, December 7th it comes to the UK as we reported this month in First Voice, the magazine CW publishes for the Federation of Small Businesses. It’s also encouraging to see that the Small Business Saturday Facebook page in the States has attracted 3.3million likes (the UK has a... Read The Rest →

Rudolph the Red-faced Reindeer: Christmas Perils of Social Media

With thanks to Susan Hall, Partner IT & IP at Clarke Willmott LLP for this guest blog research paper writer It’s a sit-com cliché: the drunken office party which ends up with blatant abuse of the photocopier, a punch-up under the mistletoe and the managing director being caught in flagrante in the disabled toilet with the office junior. Similar scenarios play out in real life. Despite all the warnings heads of HR and employment lawyers give in advance, over-indulgence at the office party still regularly lead to serious issues such... Read The Rest →

When #tags go wrong!

The hashtag has become a popular marketing tool of late with everyone from big consumer brands down to small B2B businesses getting involved. Providing a quick way to find and get involved in conversations, the hashtag has been the key to success for some of this year’s best marketing campaigns, but, what happens when a seemingly great hashtag idea gets noticed and starts to trend for the wrong reasons? Known as hashjacking, the hijacking of brands campaigns is becoming more and more frequent leading to some embarrassing #marketingblunders! To avoid... Read The Rest →

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