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Our Heritage – Former Journalists 

The good news for you is we are former journalists and that rigour and creativity still leads our process.  The journalist skill set is as relevant in digital as print and our expertise spans both.  We started out in traditional print many moons ago, and grew with the digital revolution to all other channels.

The Team

We’re a great mix of youth and experience.

  • The calm and confidence of mature experience perfectly supports youthful innovation, guaranteeing our clients the best of both – visionary and creative thinking based on a solid foundation and a realistic approach.
  • We’ll keep you updated on all the latest trends and digital developments, but never lose sight of the end result. Our recommendations and approach will always be driven by your objectives, not a desire to use technology for technology’s sake.
  • We are neither too small or too big. We are just right
  • We are perfectly structured to deliver integrated marketing whilst being nimble and responsive.
  • The CW Guarantee:  It’s quite simple. We promise to do what we say we’ll do. If we fail to deliver on our agreed objectives, we won’t charge you.

Print & Digital 

  • People have been led to believe ‘content’ came with the digital revolution. Not so.  The current buzz terms ‘content’ and ‘storytelling’ are nothing new in reality.  Newspapers, magazines and brochures are forms of ‘content’ and ‘storytelling’ and the brands have been creating content since the late Victorian/early Edwardian era when marketing as we know it began.  Think of the early Michelin Man output … the first Michelin guide book was produced for motorists in 1900…
  • But the world today does consumes content very differently.  Reliance on digital – particularly mobile which continues dominate –  means people like their content in smaller doses and more often.  The world is busier than ever and easy to process content that is easily ‘shareable’ rules.
  • Having said that, print has a strong place in the mix.  The smell, touch and sound of turning pages has really strong sensual appeal in a non-tactile digitally led world.
  • We help clients get achieve the right mix of print and digital, and keep the costs down by having both an in-house digital team, in-house designers and an in-house print operation.

Our Clients 

  • Over the years we have been privileged to work with some truly impressive clients. We’ve also won our fair share of awards for the projects we have worked on together.
  • Yes we’ve worked with big brands, but we also love working with smaller local businesses and developing great partnerships with tangible results.
  • Whilst our focus is always on our work for current and future clients, we’re proud to demonstrate a credible track record and share evidence of practical success.

Our Values

Organisations can often struggle to sum up what makes them tick. But in our case we think it’s pretty easy.  We care.

  • We care about our people. We have a friendly, collaborative culture that encourages fresh thinking and creativity
  • We care about our work. We are proud of what we do, we do it well and we enjoy doing it
  • We care about our clients. We nurture long-term relationships because that’s the only way to truly understand each other and confidently challenge old thinking with exciting new ideas.
  • We care about success. What we do enables our clients to achieve their business goals and targets. And your success breeds our success…



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