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Is your members’ magazine working hard enough?

If there’s one thing a members’ organisation needs to do well it’s communicate with its members to provide a voice for them and nurture a sense of common-purpose. Members of an association, federation, institute or club will be like-minded professionals, hobbyists or activists; their organisation exists only to support and further their interests and very often the only tangible evidence that it is achieving its objectives will be the members’ magazine. Get it right and the publication will be one of the key benefits of membership, and an effective marketing... Read The Rest →

CW Revamps VITALITY Membership Magazine

Following a recent client win, CW Content Works (CW) has just published the first revamped edition of Vitality – the official member magazine of the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC). Vitality’s July/August issue includes a refresh that enhances the overall style of the magazine, and a move to a larger A4 format that offers more space for design, editorial content and overall reader experience – as well as better opportunities for advertisers. CW is an experienced publisher of membership magazines, particularly where members are made up of... Read The Rest →

Bringing brands to life on social media

Social media – everyone’s doing it! Whereas a few years ago it was relatively easy for brands to make a splash on social media, differentiating themselves from their competitors, most brands have now got presences in place and aren’t doing too bad a job. However, whilst many brands are using social media effectively as a communication channel, sharing their latest news and promotions and responding to customer service queries in real time, it is still a small majority that exploit the full brand marketing potential of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram... Read The Rest →

Video Content Marketing: Cutting Through Digital Clutter

Holding online audience attention can be tough. Today anyone can be an ‘online media producer’ so it’s important to find effective ways of cutting through the digital clutter. And ‘the way’ is video. The market research on video content is prolific and well established now (and well worth some further search time on Google). For example: Videos in emails radically improve click through rate. It’s predicted that by 2017 74% of all internet traffic will be video. It’s estimated that 86.8 million smartphone users regularly view video on their devices.... Read The Rest →

Leave your social media in safe hands this summer

Everyone deserves a holiday – social media managers included! And by holiday we don’t just mean time away from the office, we mean time away from doing, checking, or even thinking about work. Speaking from previous experience, it can be hard to switch off after handing your accounts over to a colleague or colleagues for safekeeping whilst you’re away. It’s not that you’re a workaholic or don’t trust your colleagues to follow instructions (although sometimes there is an element of this); it’s more that you’re worried that circumstances will arise... Read The Rest →

Print: The Ultimate Mobile Communication

          The MD’s blog of last week got me thinking. Nigel pondered: If you think about it, a newspaper or magazine is the ultimate in mobile communication – needing no Wi-Fi or 3G/4G signal to download, no special equipment to view and no fear of the battery running out! What a plain-speaking stonker of a statement!  Cogent, self evident, and often forgotten in this digital age. The dominance of digital marketing has consequently positioned print media as the non-traditional format, and this now presents a great... Read The Rest →

Printed publications continue to pack a punch find IoIC awards judges

Invited to judge a couple of magazine categories at the national IoIC awards, CW MD Nigel finds print to be alive, kicking and as effective as ever.   Not a lot of people know this, but I used to be a bit of an amateur thespian. We are going back quite a few years it’s true, but I particularly enjoyed a show my am dram group put on when I performed a Peter Cook sketch from the famous Beyond the Fringe review also featuring Dudley Moore, Jonathan Miller and Alan... Read The Rest →

Content Marketing Trends

Content strategy and technology is always evolving, but the central ethos remains the same: content marketing is a methodology that creates and distributes valuable and relevant content to attract and engage with a defined audience; with the aim of nurturing a profitable customer action. So here we take a quick look at some current trends, one of which may surprise you – print is making a comeback! 1. Growth of Content Strategists Rather than marketers with broad but shallow experience, we are seeing more marketers with distinct specialisms and greater... Read The Rest →

Learning about content marketing

Whilst interning at CW I’ve become fully immersed in the world of content marketing. I’ve realised that despite it only becoming a widely used term in the last few years, ‘content marketing’ actually isn’t anything new. Brands have been producing content that tells their brand stories for a very long time. It’s just channels and audiences that have changed. Whereas once the majority of ‘content marketing’ took the form of printed magazines and journals, now the majority of material is delivered via digital titles and social media platforms. As technology has... Read The Rest →

This Matter of Size – Why Small Agencies Do It Better

Here’s one thing you can be certain of when evaluating bigger agencies versus smaller: whilst bigger might not be better – it will definitely be more expensive. A larger agency will have more people and services under one roof – all contributing to larger overheads, rent and salaries that you as the client will be paying for within the hourly rate. But will those extra concrete walls, employees and software licenses add up to greater strategic and creative excellence? No.  Because size has nothing to do with such things. Bigger... Read The Rest →

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