Is your members’ magazine working hard enough?

Editorial If there’s one thing a members’ organisation needs to do well it’s communicate with its members to provide a voice for them and nurture a sense of common-purpose.

Members of an association, federation, institute or club will be like-minded professionals, hobbyists or activists; their organisation exists only to support and further their interests and very often the only tangible evidence that it is achieving its objectives will be the members’ magazine.

Get it right and the publication will be one of the key benefits of membership, and an effective marketing and recruitment tool for the organisation. It’s the glue that holds everything together and a true showcase for all it achieves.

A professionally-written and designed magazine gives an organisation authority and credibility and demonstrates an investment in its members.  Whether you are already using contract publishers for your organsation’s magazine or are producing it in-house, a regular review to ensure it continues to add value on every level makes good business sense.

As specialists with years of experience in every aspect of membership magazine production, not to mention several industry awards under our belt, we’re confident we know a thing or two about what makes for an effective, engaging and entertaining publication.

Members’ magazines compete with commercial trade titles, both in terms of advertising revenue and for reader attention, so we’re on a mission to raise editorial standards and maximise revenues of membership organisations because we understand the value and potential they can offer.

So, as a first step towards establishing whether your title is need of a modest makeover, an extensive refurbishment, or total reconstruction, we’ve produced a simple checklist that poses some key questions to use in a self-assessment.

For example:

  • Does your publication reflect and reinforce the goals of your organisation?
  • Do you know that it is being read and is valued by your members?
  • Does the content invite interaction or it is a one-way lecture?
  • Is the tone of voice right and consistent?

Contact us for the full checklist or send us a copy of your magazine for a full, honest, no-obligation appraisal.  Bite the bullet and benchmark your publication today!


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