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This Matter of Size – Why Small Agencies Do It Better

Here’s one thing you can be certain of when evaluating bigger agencies versus smaller: whilst bigger might not be better – it will definitely be more expensive. A larger agency will have more people and services under one roof – all contributing to larger overheads, rent and salaries that you as the client will be paying for within the hourly rate. But will those extra concrete walls, employees and software licenses add up to greater strategic and creative excellence? No.  Because size has nothing to do with such things. Bigger... Read The Rest →

A few storythings

If you’ve ever met us you’ll know that we’re never short of ideas at CW! You just never know what might spark inspiration. Sometimes we consciously seek it out, other times it sneaks up on us. On occasion it can be found in the most unlikely of places… I’ll admit that I’ve never been one for ‘professional research’. Whilst I do like to keep up with industry goings on online, I’m happy to admit that I’ve never read a business book in my spare time. However I do like to... Read The Rest →

Has the free ride for brands on Facebook come to an end?

The organic reach of posts made by Facebook business pages has been slashed further still. Is Facebook set to become a paid-media channel for brands? A new report has been published by Ogilvy showing that the average Facebook Page Post reaches just 6% of fans, dropping to 2% to pages with 500,000 or more fans. This is a significant decrease from the figure confirmed by Facebook in 2012 of 16%, a figure reduced further still by last year’s round of changes. With organic reach set to hit zero sometime soon,... Read The Rest →

Never a better time to get content marketing

With the economy beginning to grow at a pace, and business confidence booming, dusting down that content marketing campaign that’s been on hold for a year or two would seem a timely strategy… British firms are more confident about the future than they have been in years according to the latest survey by our client, the Federation of Small Businesses. And the Bank of England has backed up the findings in its own forecasts on the economy which it expects to grow by 3.4% this year, in part driven by... Read The Rest →

Awards recognition for CW from the Institute of Internal Communications

First Voice, the members’ magazine CW publishes on behalf of the Federation of Small Businesses, emerged a triple winner at an awards presentation for business communication at the weekend. The Institute of Internal Communication’s Central Awards recognises quality work by agency and in-house teams across various categories and we picked up two Awards of Excellence for best image and best writing, and a Certificate of Merit for best stakeholder publication. You can read more about how we created the award-winning image which featured on the front cover of the magazine that... Read The Rest →

TV Sponsorship – Something For Skinny & Full Fat Budgets

Rules have become more relaxed in recent years, providing more options for marketers, making it a powerful option for brands AND more affordable than you might think. Sponsorship now allows for individual programmes, strands of programming, day parts or even whole channels. For example Homebase, sponsor the Food on 4 strand across Channel 4 and More4, along with programming on UKTV channel Good Food.  Plus we’ve caught up with the States and product placement is now a popular option. Some Things To Consider  Aims Set your brief clearly and concisely... Read The Rest →

Are teenagers really abandoning Facebook?

There has been a lot of publicity this month into the supposed decline of interest in Facebook amongst young people. Shock. Horror! The global social media giant has been declared ‘old hat’ by teens, say some experts. But is the alleged decline really as marked as some are claiming? And if it is, what does this mean for the future of social media marketing? iStrategyLabs, a Washington-based digital agency, recorded a decline in teenagers using Facebook. In the period January 2011-January 2014, they claim that a significant 3.3 million teens... Read The Rest →

How small businesses can make it big on Facebook

There’s a campaign gathering pace to get people to support small businesses as they get stuck into their Christmas shopping. Small Business Saturday is already big news in the US, where it generates an estimated consumer spend of $5.5 billion, and this coming Saturday, December 7th it comes to the UK as we reported this month in First Voice, the magazine CW publishes for the Federation of Small Businesses. It’s also encouraging to see that the Small Business Saturday Facebook page in the States has attracted 3.3million likes (the UK has a... Read The Rest →

Rudolph the Red-faced Reindeer: Christmas Perils of Social Media

With thanks to Susan Hall, Partner IT & IP at Clarke Willmott LLP for this guest blog research paper writer It’s a sit-com cliché: the drunken office party which ends up with blatant abuse of the photocopier, a punch-up under the mistletoe and the managing director being caught in flagrante in the disabled toilet with the office junior. Similar scenarios play out in real life. Despite all the warnings heads of HR and employment lawyers give in advance, over-indulgence at the office party still regularly lead to serious issues such... Read The Rest →

Yay, it’s nearly Christmas!

spy phone software Autumn is a FRUITFUL time of year…is it not? You can’t help but be reminded that Christmas is now less than hundred days away! (Hooray, I guess) However, this also means that one of the busiest times of years is upon us and with signs that the UK economy is on the up, what better time to ramp up your PR and social media activity. Autumn through to Christmas is a time when everyone is online looking for that all-important inspiration for Christmas gifts. With that in... Read The Rest →

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