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Are you sitting comfortably?

We all love a good story. For many of us, the old bedtime story routine is among our earliest memories. Those stories helped us feel relaxed, comfortable and secure or conjured up mystery, magic and adventure, fuelling our imagination and feeding our dreams. As we grew up our stories turned into school essays, university dissertations and business reports. Hard facts took over from fiction, fun lost out to formal. It’s a tried and tested discipline; a communication means to an end. Trouble is, when it then comes to writing about... Read The Rest →

Tell ‘em about the honey, CW

Honey Monster Foods, the company behind Sugar Puffs and its famous brand character, invited CW to develop the Honey Monster’s social media presence to engage with a new generation of consumers. Share → Tweet

Mixing social with business

…or how harnessing the power of social media will boost your business, win you friends and influence people… Few businesses these days would argue that they don’t need a website.  According to a BBC report in March 2012, the UK is the ‘most internet-based major economy’ on the planet with online transactions accounting for 8.3% of our total economy – bigger than any other G20 country. What’s more, researchers predict that the UK web economy is set to grow at a considerably faster rate than either the US or China... Read The Rest →

Retweets and the modern day autograph book

definition essay on beauty Watching Ricky Gervais’ new comedy pilot Derek started me thinking about my schoolboy days of autograph hunting and how today the celebrity retweet has fast become the modern day version of this, but also how in a weird and wonderful way this could benefit your business. I remember fondly my days as a sports mad youngster who would pester my dad to get to Old Trafford, Edgbaston, Villa Park and many other top flight venues so early that the programme sellers and stewards were still tucked... Read The Rest →

10 things to consider when creating a social media strategy

A social media strategy can have an endless number of moving parts, there are a lot of critical issues companies often skip or don’t think through. Here are some possibilities: 1. Do you block social networks? It’s pointless for a company to block services such as YouTube and Facebook in the office. Employees have smartphones, and can access any service you block. In addition, many of those phones have their own hotspots. Employees could use their smartphone’s wifi to circumvent any blocking service you have. If you believe your employees... Read The Rest →

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