Death by powerpoint – an alternative!

Just the mention of Powerpoint in most offices elicits groans. There’s no prize for guessing why – most us hate being on the receiving end of powerpoint presentations even more than we hate creating them. Apparently over 30 million Powerpoint presentations are created every day! How many of these successfully engage their audiences? The percentage isn’t likely to be particularly high. Whilst this is largely down to substandard content and/or the presentation skills of the presenter, we do believe that the tired, overly familiar medium may have something to do with it.

A few years ago, an exciting new piece of software entered the market – Prezi. If you’ve got a big presentation coming up where you need to grab and maintain an audience’s attention – it’s an interesting alternative that’s well worth checking out. We must point out though that as with Powerpoint, Prezi can be used to great effect and to poor effect (too many effects and your audience’s heads will spin for example!) Of course, it perhaps goes without saying that key to a fantastic presentation is the content. If this is something you think you need some help with you know where we are…

We’ve created professional Prezis for a number of companies for use at big corporate events. We’ve also created them for ourselves: a couple of months ago our MD Nigel gave a very well received presentation for the Institute of Internal Communications (IOIC) at one of their ‘Winner’s Workshops’. There he shared his secrets of success relating specifically to Gerber Juice’s ‘Juicy News’ employee newsletter. Let us know if you’d like to see a sample.

Alternatively, click here to read one of our latest client case studies: ‘Using Prezi to improve staff and customer engagement at National Grid Metering.’

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