There’s no such thing as bad PR – is there?

The challenge to those creating publicity stunts is creating something that augments the brand message rather than burying it. It is not easy. So what does make a good stunt? What can you get out of it? And the classic debate: is there such a thing as bad PR?

If you’re looking for a high impact way to get your brand, product or message out into the world and in front of your audience, then PR stunts fit the bill.

Here are some successes:

Animals ‘let loose’ to promote zoo opening in Paris –

In Red Bull Stratos, Felix Baumgartner rose to 128,000 feet in a stratospheric balloon and completed a freefall jump –

Here are some epic fails:

LifeLock’s CEO gave out his social security number and challenged people to steal his identity. They did a lot –

Snapple tried to make the world’s largest popsicle on a warm day in New York. It melted –







PR stunts are a great way to showcase your brand personality and allow your audience to understand and ally themselves to your brand and what it stands for. Rebel beer brand Brew Dog does brilliantly. Their stance would be a disaster for many brands, but for them it’s been key in creating their iconic status.

Business and marketing experts often case study Brew Dog for their bold and successful approach. There’s no point doing anything by halves. Publicity stunts are meant to have a public as a witness. Hence, it is essential for stunts to be visual and often visceral – generating emotion.

So to answer the age old question is there such thing as bad PR: it is completely dependent on how the issue is dealt with. There are many other incidents and events where the phrase is much more debatable – but it really is up to the public to decide. However, there is one thing that’s definite; a great PR stunt will keep people talking about your company for years afterwards

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