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Western Power Distribution
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Western Power Distribution (WPD) is the electricity distribution network operator responsible for power lines, poles, transformers and substations for the Midlands, South West and Wales. The business services over 7.8 million customers and employs over 6,000 members of staff.

WPD runs an annual customer awareness campaign and this year asked CW for assistance in creating and delivering the month long activity under the Power for Life theme. We were asked to create a 4-page publication and produce social media content to complement the campaign including, for the first time, Facebook. The primary aim was to raise the profile of Western Power Distribution so that customers are aware who to contact in the event of a power cut or an electricity-related emergency.


The purpose of the sixth edition of the Power for Life publication was to give WPD’s millions of customers the opportunity to learn more about the business and to present a helpful guide for reporting interruptions to power supply. We learned that some of the individuals set to receive the publication would have little or no awareness of WPD and in the event of a power cut, would be unsure of who to contact or how. We therefore needed to create a publication that presented this important information clearly and concisely and told the brand story in an engaging and easily digestible way.

Careful to adhere to brand guidelines, we created a simple, punchy, full colour 4-page publication which clearly demonstrated how WPD’s activities affect millions of ordinary people every day – usually without them ever realising it! The contents of the guide and a montage of typical customers were clearly indicated on the front cover. We used the centre spread to present information in an easily accessible way, using large headings, short articles and simple visuals to give the content room to breathe. The back page was used to reinforce key messages, relay important contact information and invite customers to register their details to win shopping vouchers and support charity.

For Facebook and Twitter we created custom skins and visual content for use throughout the campaign period. The visual content supported the campaign by combining quotes and strong brand messages with images of WPD customers. Calls to action were made in the accompanying posts. As the campaign fell over Easter we also created an ‘egg-lectrifying’ Easter message.


This public awareness campaign successfully reached the majority of WPD’s 7.8 million customers. Ahead of planned formal market research, WPD has had great anecdotal feedback on the publication and reaction on social media has also been positive. Happy with the campaign results, the client has already asked us to work on their summer safety social media campaign – and with our sister company, Minuteman Press, to design and print 60,000 information leaflets for landowners with WPD equipment on their property.

<b>Western Power Distribution</b> <br />Campaign Materials
<b>Western Power Distribution</b> <br />Campaign Materials
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