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Harvest Cheweee
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Harvest Cheweee bars have been loved by consumers for longer than some of our staff have been alive! Aware of the regularity with which consumers take to social media to either express their love for Cheweee bars or in amazement at the unusual animal facts printed on their wrappers, the cereal bar producers had long considered capitalising on the opportunities social media offers consumer brands. In the end they were spurred into action by a planned brand revitalisation and increased media spend in 2014. So in late 2013 Harvest Cheweee enlisted our help in establishing official brand presences on Facebook and Twitter.



Together with the brand manager at Harvest Cheweee, we considered how the brand’s personality could translate to social media. We established an appropriate tone of voice, incorporating key motifs such as the triple ‘eee’, looking also at the brand’s visual identity and use of fonts and colours. Thinking ahead to branded content, we identified brand ‘hooks’ we could hang our family-friendly content on. As a brand without a clear brand character or story, this presented a challenge.

Wary of doing anything too ‘new’ ahead of the arrival of new creative in Spring 2014, we took the approach of establishing content features with links to chewing or ‘woweee’ facts, as well as fun, seasonally themed content. For example, to tie-in with panto season, we curated an album of our favourite animal photobombs with the title ‘Heee’s behind you!’ 

Ahead of a multi-supermarket listing of the latest addition to the range, a Rocky Road flavour bar, we launched the presences with a drive to recruit fans as ‘taste testers’.



With no additional advertising spend, we attracted almost 1000 applicants in the first month of our taste tester campaign. The brand has quickly developed a loyal following, with small groups of superfans emerging. 3 months on, despite changes to the Facebook algorithm (read more on this here) we are still reaching a good proportion of our fans and averaging 17% engagement on Facebook. The brand has laid strong foundations for future activity on Twitter too, attracting daily brand mentions and receiving a good response to proactive tweets.


Snap a Cheweee #selfieee and share it with the brand here:





“I was delighted with the efficiency, creativity and also the passion shown for my brands when working with CW on the launch of Facebook and Twitter social media channels for Harvest Cheweee and the Dormen Food Co. Alison was always to hand… efficient and quick to respond. She managed to establish a tone of voice that really got ’under the skin’ of the brand and helped build a platform on which to form other consumer communications. The team also came up trumps in pulling together content and visuals which resonated with our target market and created real brand engagement with every post.”

Jodie Cavaye, Brand Marketing Manager

<b>Harvest Cheweee</b> <br />Social Media Management
<b>Harvest Cheweee</b> <br />Social Media Management