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The Dormen Food Company
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The Dormen Food Company started life as an independent business. Now owned by Raisio, they have become the UK’s no. 1 premium nut brand, stocked by many of the UK’s finest bars and hotels and sold in our finest food halls. 

Brand character and ‘resident expert of the nut world’ the Dormen Butler was (very politely) crying out to be given the opportunity to interact with consumers direct via social media. We were delighted when brand owners Raisio took us up on our offer to bring this brand character to life on Facebook and Twitter late last year.



We began by establishing an appropriate and consistent tone of voice for The Dormen. We then set to work brainstorming ideas for content that entertained, engaged and showcased brand personality, taking into account the very limited available brand imagery.

Ideas flew thick and fast and we quickly developed a distinctive visual style and several regular content features. These were planned into a content calendar amongst posts supporting specific brand activity.

For example, The Dormen’s new year’s resolution to expand his vocabulary led to a ‘word of week’ feature, easily manipulated for comic effect, to highlight aspects of brand personality or to reference current events.



Both Facebook and Twitter presences have flourished, enjoying consistently above average levels of audience engagement. Consumers have been delighted by the The Dormen’s distinctive personality, sometimes even mimicking his tone of voice themselves in their interactions with him. Brand awareness continues to grow as new audiences become exposed to the content.



The Dormen made a real splash in his first month on Twitter, receiving 426 retweets and 53 mentions. He was also quick to find his feet on Facebook, attracting 362 entries into a simple wall post sample giveaway. In those first four weeks, the brand’s posts made over 250,000 organic impressions in Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds.


Follow The Dormen’s progress here:





“I was delighted with the efficiency, creativity and also the passion shown for my brands when working with CW on the launch of Facebook and Twitter social media channels for Harvest Cheweee and the Dormen Food Co. Alison was always to hand… efficient and quick to respond. She managed to establish a tone of voice that really got ’under the skin’ of the brand and helped build a platform on which to form other consumer communications. The team also came up trumps in pulling together content and visuals which resonated with our target market and created real brand engagement with every post.”

Jodie Cavaye, Brand Marketing Manager

<b>The Dormen Food Company</b> <br />Social Media Management
<b>The Dormen Food Company</b> <br />Social Media Management