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Kennel Gazette
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The Kennel Gazette is the monthly member magazine for the Kennel Club, the governing body for pedigree dogs in the UK. They needed the layout and design to be modernised in order to appeal to a younger readership whilst not alienating the long-standing, more conservative members.

We created a separate section for the listings and events pages, which freed the rest of the magazine for the news, features and photo spreads. We have regularly refreshed the design and worked with the client to identify new feature ideas to ensure the magazine stays relevant, informative and entertaining to all readers.

CW has published our monthly members magazine, Kennel Gazette, since 2003. During that time we have been impressed with their proactive approach, particularly in initiating design refreshes and improving production efficiencies. When the contract was retendered in 2010, CW demonstrated a fresh commitment which underpinned by their experience and knowledge of our operation and the magazine, proved to be a winning combination.

Helen Fox, Marketing Director, Kennel Club

<b>Kennel Gazette</b> <br/>Magazine and Brand Communication
<b>Kennel Gazette</b> <br/>Magazine and Brand Communication
<b>Kennel Gazette</b> <br/>Magazine and Brand Communication