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Jazzy Potato
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The Jazzy Potato character had been conceived two-dimensionally for the website and social media “the small potato with the big personality”.   CW was asked to progress character development, capture tone of voice and ultimately translate this into a quality video animation for consumer and trade audiences.


A period of research and development began.  Whilst Jazzy had been defined as having a big personality and a dare-devil, beyond that little could be articulated.  To bring Jazzy into ‘being’ we had to first define his character and tone of voice.

  • Character & Tone of Voice: a challenger brand who stands apart from the crowd through confidence and maverick qualities.  Jazzy believes he is the greatest and all other potatoes are bland – he collectively calls them the ‘ordinaries’.  Jazzy is adventurous, confident and flamboyant and something of a dandy – loving to dress to the occasion.  He often makes himself look great at the expense of the ordinaries by getting them involved in adventures they are really equipped for!  At heart Jazzy knows he’s the Uber Tuber!

A comprehensive guide was put together that exhaustively covered his character and motivations, and a word and phrase ‘bank’ was created to inform on tone of voice for social media posting and engagement.

  • Creative Concepts / Storytelling: the previous process informed this stage, and a number of storyboards were created to express the character and appeal of Jazzy whilst delivering food qualities about Jazzy versus other potatoes.
  • Two Year Digital Programme: we created a two year programme to leverage Jazzy via social media and digital content.  This would centre around animations (as primary evergreen content) that we could create secondary content from such as stills and GIFs to extend the storytelling.  Additionally recipe books and a programme for schools (nutrition and cooking) led by the Jazzy character.  In the trade sector the animation would serve to explain the unique brand position and appeal of Jazzy – potatoes have been general produce to date and a strong brand or character has not existed in this market thus far – all supporting the sell in process with supermarkets.


A successful 60 second animation was created that captured Jazzy in all his glory.   An ‘ordinary potato’ gets himself involved in a scuffle with a bull tomato (steaming nostrils and horns) in the veg section and a dangerous chase ensues.  Jazzy changes outfits to meet the occasion, coming to the rescue in full Matador regalia and red cloak and sorts the situation – confirming his superiority above the ordinaries.

The animation and digital programme is due for roll out very soon….

<b>Jazzy Potato</b> <br />Animation
<b>Jazzy Potato</b> <br />Animation
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